Life lately: August 2016.

Watching | Per took me to see Captain Fantastic at the cinema for my birthday and it was the best film I've seen in months! It has such stunning scenery + a powerful message. Ever since I saw it I've been recommending it to everyone I meet. Other than that, we watched The Secret Life of Pets which was super cute.

Listening to | Melissa Horn has been on repeat pretty much ever since we saw her in concert in July, with some other tunes thrown in every once in a while.

Consuming | The one thing that sticks out is sushi, which I didn't use to like at all but now can't seem to get enough of.

Reading | As soon as my vacation ended I went back to my old habit of not reading very much at all, but I am hoping to change that in September. I did finish Purple Hibiscus, one of my favourite reads so far this year, and started Uncle Tom's Cabin, which, believe it or not, I've never read before.

Visiting | My parents + Per's mother.

Enjoying | Making the most of the final weeks of summer, getting back into my everyday routines + all the time I seemed to have for my hobbies.

Making | July's Project Life pages of course, including those about Greece, updates to my family tree after I got in touch with a distant relative from Texas, spreads for my (physical) 2005-2008 Project Life album (none of which have been printed yet though, but it will happen in the autumn for sure) and some updates to my dollhouse.

Looking forward to | Crisp autumn days, the leaves changing colour + starting an exciting new project.

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