My dollhouse: The ground floor.

Today it's time for the last part of the tour of my dollhouse, until I have some new updates to share at least. When I move to a home with more space I will add a garden for the house - I got one along with garden furniture + accessories along with this house but I had to put it in storage for now... The extension floor was also included when I bought this house (such a good deal!) and I knew from the start that I would place the kitchen in the large room downstairs. In my old house the kitchen is in the room that is the master bedroom of this house and I've always found it much too small. I think the kitchen has the most fun accessories and I don't want it to feel crowded :)

All the furniture is original Lundby, but I changed the splashback of the kitchen and painted the chairs dark grey (they used to be neon green). Most of the accessories are original Lundby as well but some are ones I had in my old house that I bought when I lived in London in 2004/2005 and frequented dollhouse and miniature fairs during the weekends (those were the days!). The artwork is all from IKEA and can be found here and here. I simply printed it and glued it on cardboard. So convenient :)

Now for the room of the daughter of the house... As I mentioned in my previous entry my intention was to make the children's rooms gender neutral, but that didn't work out. I think the wallpaper in this room is a bit too bright, but I experimented with paler shades of pink and didn't like how it came out. The furniture is all Lundby but many of the toys are ones I've gathered over the years at dollhouse fairs etc. The yellow dress is actually original Lundby - from the Advent Calendar that was sold about a decade ago (I got lots of unique goodies there!).

Well, that's it for now. I actually might do a tour of the house my night sometime because all the rooms have lights and it's really cozy when they are lit up :)

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