My dollhouse: The middle floor.

Tonight I thought I'd share the middle floor of my dollhouse, where the master bedroom, combined hallway/office and nursery are. On this floor I continued to deviate from the traditional Lundby layout - making the intended kitchen the master bedroom and the intended bathroom the nursery. (In the most recent layout of the Småland house the wall between the kitchen and former hallway has been removed, creating a larger kitchen.) For the wallpaper I used paper from the Project Life Southern Weddings paper packs (it's so convenient when my hobbies overlap like this!).

Above is a photo of the bedroom a couple of weeks ago and below is a photo of what it looks like right now. I got my hands on the smaller bedside lamps on our equivalent Ebay and put the old ones up for sale. I placed the shelf I mentioned doesn't fit in the living room in the bedroom temporarily, but I might get rid of it entirely for the time being... As you can see the bedroom is still quite bare - it needs new bedding but I haven't been able to find the right fabric yet. I also want to add a couple more art prints. The picture above the bed is this one from IKEA which I printed and framed in one of my old Lundby frames :)

Next up is the combined hallway and office. The wallpaper is the adorable Dotty Rose Wallpaper by Ferm Living. (A couple of years ago Ferm Living sold a simple wooden dollhouse and for a while they offered a free pdf with miniatures of some of their wallpapers on their site. It's not there anymore but after a lot of googling I managed to track it down.) In this room the chest of drawers and mirror are original Lundby (although I painted the former white - it used to be off-white). The bench, desk, desk chair and computer are from ELF Miniatures, the only place where I've been able to find more than just a few modern miniatures in the Lundby scale. The shoes are Polly Pocket shoes I got from a child I babysat many years ago :) The poster is this one (Kalmar is my hometown). This room is still missing a few pieces. I ordered a hook board that I will hang above the bench several weeks ago but it hasn't arrived yet. I also haven't decided whether I'm going to add a large rug to this room or not yet.

Finally, the nursery. It is windowless, but I'm thinking that this used to be a walk-in-closet until the family had a second baby and needed a third bedroom :) Actually, my intention when I started renovating the house was to make the kids' rooms gender neutral. However, that didn't exactly work out once I decided that I didn't want all the rooms to be grey :) The wallpaper with clouds is a paper I found in my digital scrapbooking paper stash and the polkadot paper is from the aforementioned Southern Weddings Edition. The nursery is also a bit bare still, but I will be adding a shelf above the crib and some art prints.

That's it for now, next up I will share the ground floor where the room of the daughter of the family + the kitchen are.

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