Around here: New Years Eve.

We spent New Years Eve with the friends we usually celebrate with, this time around joined by the little baby boy they had in 2016, and my boyfriend's cousin. We actually ordered food from a local restaurant and it was so convenient to just pick it up and not have to spend time buying + preparing the food ourselves. Technically these sunrise photos weren't taken on New Years Eve, but the day before. It was, however, the last chance to see a sunrise in 2016 since New Years Eve was cloudy. I took the 30th of December off from work because I had a terrible cold and once I had checked the weather forecast I hurried down to the beach and got there just in time for the sun to rise above the horizon. It was such a calm lovely morning and I immediatelly regretted not taking the time to see the sun rise (or set for that matter, but that's harder to arrange here on the east coast) more often throughout the year. I promised myself that I would make time for such experiences more often in 2017.

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