Project Life: 2017 title page.

Chronologically there are many blog posts I should have posted before this one, and I probably should have wrapped up my 2016 album first before taking the time to put this together. Still, there's something about the start of a new year that makes me so eager to create the title page for that year's album that I just couldn't wait!

It actually didn't take me very long at all to put together. I used last year's title page as a template and picked some cards from the Project 52 Fresh Edition. I tried out some more colourful cards at first but somehow I came back to these neutral cards, just like I did last year. You might say that I am a bit obsessed with the photo of us + Elsa, considering that I used it for our Christmas cards and have included it in my 2016 album as well. It is the first photo of us as a family though and will always be very special to me + Elsa's expression is just the cutest thing I ever did see!

I replaced last year's "Come what may" card with "Let's do this!" and it says a lot about how differently I feel going into this year... A year ago I felt reluctant to let 2015 go because it had been a great year in many ways and I was afraid of the changes and uncertainty that 2016 would bring. (As it turned out not all of my fears materialized and 2016 ended up being far less dramatic than I had expected.) I feel so much calmer going into 2017 and I'm mostly curious to learn what it has in store for us. So, let's do this!