Photobook pages: August 2012.

For the sake of continuity, here's the next instalment of my 2012 photobook pages.

First some everyday glimpses from the month, the move, my birthday preparations, the first signs of autumn.

The third and final trip of my summer vacation, down to the province of Blekinge. The places we stopped by on the way to our first destination.

The city of Karlskrona where we spent the first night...

... before we moved on to Karlshamn.

Finally, on the third day we went to the third largest town of the Blekinge, Ronneby and also fit in a visit to the island Karön.

Then it was time to go back to work again but the summer didn't quite end there. The first weekend after we went back to work we went on a roadtrip to northern Öland with its beautiful forest and cute little train line that I'd wanted to go on forever.

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