Photobook pages: December 2012 + the cover.

The front and back cover. The 12 template is from Chelle's Creations but I got the idea to split up photos rather than putting one in each square (which would have taken forever) from Mes Scraps, Mes Voyages. The template for the back cover is from Simply Yin (actually many of the templates I use for my books are from her site).

Glimpses from the month of December. I can't believe how wintery it was - halfway through the month the stream that runs through central Kalmar had frozen over. I doubt it will happen this year, although it is getting colder so who knows.

Church in the morning on Christmas Eve.

More photos from the big day. Last year we celebrated Christmas at my aunt's place, which means we'll be celebrating it at my parents' house this year.

I didn't take that many photos during the days between Christmas and New Years. This is a spread from Boxing Day when we ate (a small portion of) the giant lolly Per bought me in Gränna that summer.

I didn't take any photos on New Years myself (fail) but I got some from the friend that we celebrated it with. They are terrible quality (think non-DSLR/flash/blurry) but without a spread for New Years the book felt incomplete so I decided to include them anyway (as a compromise I made them tiny). The photo on the left is actually not even from New Years Eve 2012 (but the year before) but I added it in order to complete the spread. I searched for a stock photo of fireworks online but couldn't find a fitting one. Note to self: No matter how we celebrate New Years this year: bring the camera, and use it!

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