Around here: Midsummer.

I can't believe that I'm only getting around to sharing these photos now, over three weeks after Midsummer Eve... It seems like forever ago already. This was actually the first Midsummer I spent here in Kalmar. We celebrated it with our friends and started the day with lunch at our place. The weather was typical for Midsummer in Sweden, i.e. rainy and cool. However, it didn't rain all day and we made sure to make the most of the time that it didn't by going out to play mini golf at the court that recently opened in the park on the other side of the street. I never would have guessed that it'd be open on Midsummer Eve, our largest public holiday after Christmas, but it was, and since it was a holiday and rainy, we had the place almost to ourselves. It was so much fun, even though I lost as usual haha. Afterwards we went over to S and O's place to have dinner. Once we got there the sun even made an appearance for a while so we went outside to play kubb until it was time to heat up the barbecue. As it turned out this was the most traditional Midsummer I've had in a while, not just due to the weather but also the combination of traditional Midsummer food + good company + outdoor activities.


  1. Verkar som en fin midsommar :D Ja känns som att det var forever ago haha. Har inte varit något bra väder heller så denna sommaren känns rätt trist än så länge ;x kram

    1. Tiden går så fort... Halvvägs genom sommaren redan. Åh, har ni inte sol nu? Vi hade ju en väldigt varm vecka förrförra veckan och de senaste dagarna har varit fina igen, om än inte lika varma. Hoppas sommaren kommer till er på riktigt snart!