Trips in 2015: Skåne part 1/2.

As the saying goes, better late than never... In the middle of June we went down to Skåne for a weekend. We were very lucky weather-wise and I came home with lots of photos. I felt overwhelmed by the thought of editing and uploading them so I put it off, until now. I guess I do have some sense of self-preservation after all, because I am posting them on the verge of another trip, so I will be able to focus on the new photos once I get back home...

In any case, we started out by visiting the Söderåsen National Park. I wanted to visit it already back when I lived in Skåne but it always seemed like too big of an undertaking without a car. It was worth the wait though - there truly is something magical about beech forests... In the evening we visited Brösarps backar where I'd been a couple of times before, but it's a place always worth revisiting. We spent the night at a hotel in Brösarp and made sure we were well-rested for the next day's big event which I'll post about in a second entry :)

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  1. Där har jag varit på exkursion med skolan :D Så himla vackert där, brings back memories att se dessa bilder :D