Trips in 2015: Skåne part 2/2.

On our second day in Skåne we travelled on the old steam engine train from Brösarp to S:t Olof and back again. It was the first day of the season for the railroad, which of course had to be celebrated. We got there early and while we waited for our train we watched how the parking lots quickly filled up with vintage cars and motorcycles. Once on the train we were joined by an orchestra that played most of the way to S:t Olof. It really was such a joyous day, and to make it even better I got compliments for my 50s style dress :)

On our way home we stopped by the lovely Haväng area and it was just as beautiful as I remembered it. No matter how many times I visit Skåne I never grow tired of it, and there always seems to be something left to discover ♥


  1. Skåne är verkligen vackert med alla de underbara ädellövsskogarna :D