Around here: Back from vacation.

And just like that my vacation ended and now the second week back at work is almost behind me. Since many of my co-workers are still on vacation those of us who're back are swamped so the days are flying by to say the least. At this rate I don't know when it'll feel like things are back to normal, especially since the second half of September is going to be very hectic for me what with my birthday celebration, training in Stockholm and one week of vacation abroad taking place in close succession.

I still have so many photos to share from my vacation that I hardly know where to begin, but I thought I'd work backwards and start with the photos I took on the final day of vacation and the ones I've taken since then. They're actually all from my iPhone, because I've sort of fallen back in love with Instagram. One day it hit me that the reason why I never posted on Instagram anymore was that I have grown sick of square photos, and so I downloaded Squaready and now I feel inspired to take photos with my phone again. Only goes to show that nothing is ever for certain; I remember when I first started using Instagram I looked down on those who just couldn't embrace the square format and insisted on uploading rectangular photos. It only took me three years to realize how right they were. It's just so refreshing to not have to ruin a great photo for the sake of Instagram anymore.

The first photo is from when we went swimming in the sea for the first time this year, on the final day of vacation. Since the heat took so long to get here this summer the water just didn't feel inviting enough to go swimming earlier, but on our last day of vacation we decided we just had to do it no matter how cold it'd be. It's wasn't too bad actually, but not nearly warm enough to stay in for more than a few minutes. Other than that I've taken most of these photos when we've gone for our regular evening walks. The weather has stayed beautiful since I've gone back to work so I've tried to make the most of it in the evenings. On Saturday we spent most of the day downtown cheering on the Ironman contestants. It was my first time watching and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. We were only going to stop by for a little while but ended up staying out all day and then went back for Heroes Hour in the evening. Such a powerful experience.


  1. Ser ut som att du haft en superfin semester iallafall :)

    1. Jo, den var jättebra, synd bara att den känns som ett minne blott tredje veckan tillbaka på jobbet :P