Project Life: Glimpses from 2000-2004.

Almost two months after completing it, I bring you some photos of my third Project Life album featuring the years 2000-first half of 2004 (until I graduated from high school & moved away from home). As it turned out my three albums have about fifty spreads each + a couple of 6x12 inserts, so it worked out neatly to split up the years the way I did (first album is 1985-1994, second 1995-1999). I actually just ordered a fourth 12x12 album that will include the second half of 2004-2008. As I've mentioned before I already have photo albums from that time period (spiralbound black 12x12 albums) except for the second half of 2005, but I am not that happy with them and like them even less now that they stand next to my shiny PL albums. Eventually I intend to remake them entirely PL style, but since I feel like I need to start focusing on my more current memory keeping again (2014 is nowhere near finished) I am going to just move the photo album pages to the PL album for now.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here.

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