Life lately: March 2016.

Watching | Most notably, Spotlight, Fathers & Daughters and The Danish Girl. I enjoyed all three, especially The Danish Girl, not just for the story but also for the beautiful settings and clothes.

Listening to | I've been listening to Ted Gärdestad a great deal ever since I watched a recent documentary about his life and rediscovered his music.

Consuming | Lots of chocolate for Easter.

Reading | This month I finally finished Goodbye Sarajevo. This was the first novel I've read that is set during the Yugoslav Wars and I found it very interesting to read a firsthand account of what it was like in Bosnia and Croatia during the time. I can definitely recommend it. The second book I read this month was Necessary Lies which was an instant favourite. I actually read most of it in one day because I just had to know how it would end. I'm so glad I stumbled across it on Goodreads!

Visiting | The parents, two of my aunts and my sister.

Enjoying | Spring and the beautiful weather we've had, getting the chance to spend a lot of time with family + relatives on various occasions, catching up with old friends, a work-related road-trip I went on, Easter, some shopping I did and going to Poland at the end of the month.

Making | So many Project Life pages for my 2014 photo book. At this rate I might just finish it in April!

Looking forward to | Going back to Poland in two weeks + a little surprise outing that I've got planned for next weekend.