Trips in 2016: A March day in Poland.

At the end of March we went to Poland (specifically the Gdynia/Sopot/Gdansk Tricity area) for a day with mum and one of my sisters. It was my first time going back since grandma's funeral almost a year ago and I have to say it did feel like something was missing the whole day since we didn't have grandma to visit. However, it was still nice to go back and be reminded that there are still reasons to go even though I don't have relatives there anymore. Per had never been to Gdansk or Sopot before and I hadn't been in six years so instead of hanging out in Gdynia all day like we usually do we went to Gdansk soon after breakfast. We had a nice time strolling around the Old Town area, stopping for coffee and doing some shopping. I have only gone there in the summer before so it was quite refreshing that it wasn't as crowded as during high season. In the afternoon we took the train to Sopot where we had lunch and went for a walk on the pier (which happens to be Europe's longest wooden pier). The day ended with the usual shopping at the largest mall in Gdynia, before it was time to head back to the ferry and return to Sweden. I'll actually be going to Poland again already tomorrow evening with my co-workers, which I am looking forward to very much.

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