Project Life: 2014 album cover.

Last night I finished my 2014 photo book! I will be ordering it soon. It's 195 pages long which makes it two pages longer than the 2015 book, and yet it only took me about two months to complete. 99 % of the products I used were official Project Life ones, which made the process that much quicker.

For the front book cover I used a number template by Chelle's Creations just like I did for my 2012, 2013 and 2015 books. I'm all about consistency when it comes to the outside of my books so they look good next to each other on the shelf! For the back cover I used this template by Paislee Press and a card from the Everyday Edition. Here's a close-up:

I will definitely share some photos of the physical book once it gets here! I also plan on sharing some of the spreads from the book from time to time. In the meantime you can get a glimpse of what my 2015 book looks inside here.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here.

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