Around here: The first Sunday of Advent.

The first Sunday of Advent is always a special time around here because it means it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations, a tangible reminder of all that is to come. This year decorating was even more fun than usual because I switched out most of my regular decorations. Since there's usually a whole lot of pink around this apartment I've never felt like I could put up traditional red decorations, but this year I felt tired of pink for Christmas and replaced all the pink details I could with red/gold/silver/white. (I haven't given up on pink entirely though, most of it will return in the new year.) It wasn't as much work as I thought it would be, especially since mum skipped red this year so I could borrow a bunch of things from her rather than buy everything new. Regardless of colour, I love how festive the apartment is now and all those extra lights are very welcome during this dark season of the year.


  1. Tjuuusigt :D Ser att du oxå kör lite pynt med små julkulor, hehe :D Superfint :) Behövs bara lite snö nu..

    1. Tack! Ja, jag älskar dem, de är så söta :)