Around here: Glimpses from December so far.

Some reasons I've found to bring out the camera this month despite the lack of daylight:

  1. For the third year in a row we made a gingerbread house. I know it's rather childish and imperfect (perhaps even more so than usual, I had some serious frosting issues this year) but I tell myself that's part of its charm. The idea to add the outhouse came after I saw my sister's gingerbread mansion and told P. that if our houses were real, ours would be the outhouse of hers.
  2. I got a Frozen chocolate advent calendar, because how could I not?
  3. We tried saffron bun semlas which were equal amounts delicious and over the top.
  4. We turned the leftover gingerbread dough into hearts + sheep.
  5. I bought my first ever hyacinths. One is just on the verge of opening!
  6. I decorated the tree and placed it in a different corner of the room than usual. In keeping with this year's colour scale I used mostly decorations that I borrowed from my mum while my pink stash stayed tucked away in the attic.
  7. There's only one gift under the tree so far but that is going to change very soon!

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  1. Åh vilket fint pepparkakshus!! :) Önskar jag var duktig på sånt där oxå xD och jättefina foton :)