Life lately: November 2015.

Watching | Spectre at the cinema, Inside Out and the Shaun the Sheep Movie at home. I am not a huge Bond fan, but I can't deny that the films are entertaining in many ways. Inside Out and Shaun the Sheep were both super cute.

Listening to | Music from Så mycket bättre, especially by Miriam Bryant and Lisa Nilsson.

Consuming | Homemade sweets from the Christmas market we went to at the castle last weekend + saffron buns, yum.

Reading | I finished Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Such a fascinating story about historic events I knew very little about beforehand.

Visiting | My parents as well as my youngest sister and her new baby kitty Alfons - the cutest little furball I ever did see.

Enjoying | Attending my friend's Disney-themed birthday party at the beginning of the month, trying out my new camera lens, getting the opportunity to do a short internship at the local police department and D.A.'s office, decorating and planning for Christmas and of course memory keeping.

Making | Project Life spreads.

Looking forward to | Finishing my Christmas shopping, making this year's gingerbread house and Christmas of course :)

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