My dollhouse: The top floor.

I thought I'd share the rooms of my dollhouse floor by floor, starting with the top floor, where the bathroom and living room are. In my old house I kept the traditional Lundby layout with the bedroom + living room upstairs and the kitchen + hallway + bathroom downstairs (it doesn't have the extension floor). I've always found the intended Lundby bathroom a bit small and now that I got my hands on a house complete with the extension floor I decided to change things up a bit. Thus, I turned the intended master bedroom into a bathroom. It might be a bit strange to have such a big window in a bathroom, but I'm telling myself it's okay since it's on the top floor ;)

The wallpaper + floor are papers I found in my digital scrapbooking paper stash and printed on regular printer paper, but I was greatly inspired by Little Fish Creations. I don't know how many times I've stalked Dianne's stunning account on Instagram this summer looking for inspiration. The furniture is all original Lundby. I bought the sink new but the rest came with the house. The plant + most of the accessories are miniatures I had in my old house. I have plundered it a bit, but it was filled to the brim with furniture and accessories so it actually looks better now. (Speaking of, in the end I've decided to keep my old house as it is because I realized that it's the perfect time capsule of the early 2000s and will be fun to look back on someday. I mean, I even found floppy disks in one of the desk drawers of that house. So funny.) Okay, more of the living room next:

The wallpaper is the Harlequin Wallpaper by Ferm Living in grey. Furniture, TV and white rug are vintage + new Lundby. Some miniatures came with the house and some (including all the plants) are from my old house. I painted the sofa dark grey and the bookshelf white (again, very inspired by Little Fish Creations). I am not crazy about the layout of the living room, but this sofa isn't made for this house and I couldn't find another way to place it. I don't mind it so much really but I had the little bookshelf that is included in the TV set and wanted to place that under the TV, but there is no room.

The art prints above the sofa exist in real life size here. I simply printed some previews I found online and put them in Lundby frames. Decorating a dollhouse is so much fun because you can make miniatures of real wallpaper and art so easily, and for free! I cut out the grey rug from some grey felt fabric I bought. I love the miniature Scrabble + Monopoly, I'm thinking this is a family that plays a lot of board games :) I also adore the little candles - they are actually made from real stearin, but of course I will never light them!

The living room isn't all done yet; I want to add some cushions + other little things, but it's a work in progress. I will stop here for now, next up is the master bedroom + hallway/office + nursery!

PS. I'm sorry about the quality of these photos - like I mentioned in my last dollhouse entry this corner of the room doesn't get a lot of natural light. Also, I took these with my iPhone 6 - there's no way I can squeeze in my dSLR into the house to get close up photos :)

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