Around here: New Years Eve.

I always regret not getting up to see the sunrise more often, so I decided to remedy that a bit on the final day of the year. After all, at this time of year it's no great sacrifice to get up in time to catch the sunrise, seeing that the sun doesn't break the horizon until half eight... By then we'd already been out for almost an hour, walking around town and enjoying the peace and quiet. Perhaps it was because the day got off to such a good start that the rest of the day rest of the day felt much calmer than last year's New Years Eve. We celebrated with the same friends as last year and started out by watching the fireworks by the castle which has become one of my favourite traditions. That and sprinkling confetti and streamers all over the dining table, otherwise it just wouldn't feel like New Years.

I took the sunrise photos with my iPhone and the rest with my DSLR; sans tripod because I just can't be bothered to drag it with me to the crowded park.

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