Around here: Sunday.

Around here, Sunday was pretty special. I found myself awake already at seven (why is it that I can get up early easily on days off but find it next to impossible to drag myself out of bed before 7.15 on workdays?) and since I saw that the sky was clear I decided to head out in time for the sunrise. I simply put on sweats (+ my warmest coat of course, it was ten degrees below freezing) on top of my PJs, grabbed my camera and headed out. I didn't know exactly where the sun would break the horizon but my estimation proved right. It was such a beautiful morning, hardly anyone was out besides me and it was just so quiet and serene. Definitely a memory I will cherish forever.

I spent the rest of the day inside, dabbling with little things around the appartment and, needless to say, working on my Project Life spreads. We finally put away everything Christmas (not as shockingly late as some might think since our tradition is to put it away on the 13th of January), which means the pink is back again. I love how clean everything looks when the Christmas decorations are gone. Of course I had to celebrate by buying this year's first bouquet of tulips, which happened to include ranunculus because all the tulip-only bouquets were sold out.

This was just one of many great days so far this month. Really, January has been so much better than I expected. I hope everyone else is having a good month too :)


  1. Sjukt vackert! :) Måste pallra mig ut jag med och fota lite soluppgång någon dag, hehe ;p

    1. Kan definitivt rekommendera det ;)