Life lately: January 2016.

Watching | Some really good films - En man som heter Ove (I think it did justice to the book, which is one of my favourites), The Walk (I didn't know the story beforehand, so I had to cover my eyes through parts of it haha - don't watch it if you're afraid of heights), The Martian, The Revenant and season 2 of The Affair.

Listening to | Nothing special this month really.

Consuming | Blood oranges which I love almost as much as satsumas.

Reading | I finished two books this month, German YA novel 28 Tage Lang (which I loved and definitely recommend, but there doesn't seem to be an English translation yet from what I can tell?) and This I Know by Susannah Conway (liked it, but it didn't revolutionize my life or anything).

Visiting | P's parents + some of my co-workers.

Enjoying | Prague, the beautiful winter days we were blessed with, changing things up around my home + the fresh start feeling that a new year brings.

Making | Project Life pages for my 2015 + 2016 photo books, as well as the Project Life Creative Team.

Looking forward to | The day my 2015 photo book arrives in the mail.


  1. Så vackra bilder! Vi ska också se the revenant snart och har egentligen även the martian på listan men jag är lite opepp på den. Tyckte du om den?

    1. Tack så mycket! Jag brukar inte gilla rymdfilmer men tyckte ändå att The Martian var helt ok, även om det inte är en film jag skulle se igen. Den var betydligt mer lättsam än t.ex. de senaste årens tunga rymdfilmer Gravity och Interstellar.