Outings: Uvaklöva.

This week we went from first snow to full blown winter wonderland in a matter of days. It feels almost exotic because the past couple of winters have been so mild. Twelfth Night is a public holiday around here and I can think of few better ways to spend a sunny winter day off than by going to the woods, so that's what we did. We brought hot chocolate and our warmest clothes and in the end we weren't cold at all even though it was ten degrees below zero. It was just so lovely out there. All quiet and peaceful. Paths that had only been walked on by the occasional animal after the most recent snowfall. Glittering snowflakes. Magic.


  1. Tjusigt ^^ Och ja, det ser allt magiskt ut ^^ Här uppe har vi mer snö än vi behöver och det ska tydligen snöa i en vecka nu .... Som om det inte redan vore nog med dyrga halvmetern ute som de är nu xD

    1. Åh men det låter mysigt! Igår smälte tyvärr all vår snö så nu är det barmark som gäller igen. Så trist.

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    1. Åh, tack så mycket! Kul att du tittade förbi :)